Not everyone is ready to switch

It seems that while many companies around the globe are switching from Lotus Notes to Google Apps for Business, not everyone is ready to do so yet.

One such company, I understand, is Unifrax.  The latter specialises in making high-performance insulation materials for particular industries that use power stations, kilns and blast furnaces, to name just a few.

However, Unifrax also needs to use IT in order to ensure they can keep track of the literature its customers use.  This is vital, I believe, as incorrect technical literature could potentially cause a problem, which in turn will reverberate back to Unifrax.

However, this literature and document tracking has proved difficult up to now, but there is a solution involving Lotus Notes, and not Google Apps.  It’s called Polymorph.

Seemingly, with Polymorph, Unifrax is able to use an Extranet to take complete control of document availability.  Customers are also able to access the required information by simply registering as an approved user.

A second key feature is the control and tracking of all necessary documentation.

Speaking with Garry Davis, Director of Marketing, Europe & Africa for Unifrax said: “It is great to have Polymorph to turn to who can personalise Lotus Notes work initially done by our head office in the USA.”

Gary Davis added: “The long term relationship we have developed means that this work is carried out with minimal input from us, and has delivered in this case a website, which maintains our global theme and that we can modify and update in-house.”

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