Looking for a way to switch?

Are you thinking of switching away from Lotus Notes to Google Apps but not sure what to do?

Then I might have the answer.  It’s called CIMtrek, and it apparently allows Lotus Notes users to seamlessly migrate to cloud-based systems such as Google Apps for Business.

Oddly while this could be good news for those wishing to ditch IBM’s own product, the major corporation is also hoping to forge a partnership with CIMtrek.  The question is why?

It seems that IBM has been assured by CIMtrek that its migration product is not a threat to the corporation.  Speaking with cbronline.com, CIMtrek founder and CEO Jon Pyke said: “CIMtrek offers an outstanding way for IBM to retain the substantial number of customers looking to migrate off of IBM Domino/Notes by delivering a way for clients to move to IBM’s SmartCloud and reap the benefits associated with cloud application management in a very short space of time.”

Now, of course this doesn’t appear to imply that IBM customers can migrate to Google’s own cloud infrastructure.  It might do, but somehow I doubt it.  After all, Google’s system is different from IBM’s cloud computing infrastructure known as SmartCloud, but CIMtrek may allow users to do so.  The company behind the products says it enables businesses who wish to switch to cloud solutions to be helped to do so.  I take that to mean Google as well.

John Pyke himself says: “The CIMTrek product set was created to help organisations modernise their legacy applications and smooth the migration to new platforms including the cloud.”

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