Could cloud affect current IT jobs?

Research firm Gartner believes that the rapid increase in interest in cloud and cloud computing may be about to have an affect on current IT jobs.  The company suggest many will probably disappear.

This idea comes from a recent survey that itself suggests by 2020 half of all businesses IT services will involve the cloud.  This implies that IT infrastructures, namely in-house servers, networks and storage systems, will eventually disappear.

The Gartner research indicates that in small- to medium-sized firms the use of in-house IT resources will drop to just about 35% by the end of the decade.

Furthermore, as the use of cloud increases the demand for software installation will inevitably decrease.  This means many companies that supply programs that are installed on computers will also have to change their direction and start developing cloud-based equivalents or new SaaS programs.  For small software developer companies, unless they are doing something about it now this could potentially cause problems for themselves.

As far as what Gartner calls midsize businesses are concerned, I believe there are three issues that will concern them.  Firstly, they will need to rethink their staffing priorities.

Secondly, many IT professionals may well have to update their skills as they compete for the new (and probably fewer) jobs available.  Cloud computing inevitably means that infrastructures are outsourced.

Finally, companies will probably find they need to become far more efficient as there is likely to be increased data analysis.

All in all, the IT industry is changing so fast it is likely to leave everyone behind, unless they can keep up.

Survival of the fittest?


  1. Cloud computing probably will mean that tasks are outsourced but then that has been the case with the working world since time immemorial. We don’t complain now that we can’t wash our clothes by hand any more or that we don’t have to go and gather firewood to cook our dinner. Rubbish allegory perhaps, but the world moves on and people need to accept they need to adapt their skillset to stay in with a chance of succeeding.

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