Growing your business the appsbar way

A new app that is available to download from Google Play could just be what you need to help grow your business using mobile phone technology.

From what I gather, the app is basically a means to create your own application for use on an Android mobile phone or an iPhone.  For example, one small business that operates tea shops called TeaWay has created its own app using the appsbar app.  This has allowed the company’s customers to easily access TeaWay’s services.

What’s more, it’s possible to create many different functions including menus, maps, videos; even an “About Us” section giving potential customers every opportunity to see what is available and what is on offer.

Appsbar started business last year.  The founders realised there was a gap in the market for those businesses who wanted to create something for themselves without having to pay out a fortune for the privilege.

The app is free, so you can’t say fairer than that, and while not strictly a Google app, nevertheless will enhance a growing business keen to make use of the rapidly increased use of mobile technology.

Seemingly, the application was downloaded up to 1,000 times every day after its initial launch.  By this year appsbar has become the leading developer for Android apps with over 10,000 so far created.

As it appears to seamlessly integrate with Android I would not be at all surprised if applications created using Appsbar also integrate with traditional Google Apps.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google tried to add the company behind it to its own shopping list.

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