Cloud computing: The expanding market

There is little doubt that cloud computing brings multiple benefits to an organisation in terms of productivity, sharing and information exchange – but what happens when cloud data centres are so far away from a location that performance suffers? Perhaps I should ask the denizens of Australia.

Despite the conviction amongst some commentators that the Australasias are not offering themselves as a big market, several high profile names are operating in the region. The complaint from cloud users using their services has always been that there was a certain degree of ‘lag’ when the cloud was located in far-off shores.

This doesn’t appear to have deterred companies such as Amazon however. They’ve recently set up a new data centre in a ninth region no less, that will provide cloud services for over 10,000 Aussie customers. The proximity of the centre should mean faster speeds for everyone, as latency becomes a thing of the past.

This move is interesting, as it follows hot on the heels of the recent expansion in the Indian market.  There the massive seventy per cent growth has seen tech companies looking to reap benefits from cloud computing in areas where some experts had previously expressed some doubts about Indian businesses’ commitment.

What is evident is that the benefits to business in using cloud computing is reflected in the big players’ willingness to invest in adding local technologies and rolling out innovation – a lesson we can all profit from.

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