“Better results than expected,” says Ovum

Analysts Ovum recently reported that the company’s analysis of cloud computing implementation was better than predicted.

What’s more, the company said that the perceived risks and difficulties associated with implementing the web-based technology were lower than thought.

This, Ovum said, will be good news for government and government agencies, especially since the latter’s concerns have always revolved around security.  For instance, Los Angeles Police decided not to fully implement Google Apps for Government because Google apparently failed to appreciate the security concerns of the department.

Since then Google has been working on this issue.

Cloud has many benefits for all sorts of organisations – businesses as well as not for profit bodies.

However, it seems that some government agencies in Australia are still reluctant to even contemplate changing their IT systems.  Some even go as far as calling the internet-based technology evil, dangerous and immoral.

How this view has come about is anyone’s guess.  I’m not sure I understand it myself.

That said, when anything new is developed there are always people and institutions who are resistant to change.  Eventually though, they come round to see that their fears are unfounded.

Ovum’s research should help in this regard.

Interestingly, one government in New South Wales has bucked this trend, namely the Department of Trade & Investment.

Speaking with news.idg.no, Ovum’s Steve Hodgkinson said: “It has gone through a full-on public procurement tender process to select a software-as-a-service provider for an ERP application as the kernel of a new shared-services strategy.”

I suppose it’s a case of small acorns.

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