New Google Apps script included in KiSSFLOW

KiSSFLOW is a well known workflow app on Google Marketplace.

However, the company behind this popular software, Orangescape, has announced an improvement.  It has added something called an integration capability, which I understand means that KiSSFLOW can now work better with other applications.

Speaking with, Mani Doraisamy, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of OrangeScape, said: “Building workflows on KiSSFLOW is extremely simple.  You don’t need even a line of code to get your workflows running on KiSSFLOW.  But, when it comes to integration, we have to be realistically simple.  That’s why we chose Google Apps Script.”

He added that adding the script now opens up greater possibilities and uses for the software.  For instance, one UK-based sports memorabilia company, Captain’s Armband Ltd – which uses the product, is said to be using the Google Apps script to integrate with its ecommerce system.

I have to say that for people like me, Google Apps basically means email, calendar and document creation, and perhaps analytical software.  However, it seems the software has far more versatility than even I thought.

The Director of IT at Captain’s Armband Ltd added: “…KiSSFLOW allows us to fully harness and extend our capabilities on Google’s cloud based infrastructure.”

Perhaps the beauty of this and other software is Software as a Service isn’t just something that stands alone, but is something that can, and should, work with other systems as and when needed.

Orangescape has three pricing structures for KiSSFLOW – free, business and enterprise.

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