Ugandan University using Google Apps for Education

The University of Kyambogo, one of the largest higher education institutions in Uganda recently decided to use Google Apps for tutoring students.

It seems the university authorities were impressed with the collaborative opportunities the cloud-based software could bring to the institution.  In fact, it offers more than that, as staff can communicate and schedule lectures more efficiently.

Speaking with, Justine Zawedde, Kyambogo’s Google ambassador said: “The applications provide avenues for sharing and working on the same project by different individuals at the same time within different vicinities.”

She added: “If well integrated, students will use them in their focus group discussions…”

She was referring to the fact that each student receives his or her own password.  This basically means the students can easily access their project or projects at any time of the day.

Among the apps available to students and university teachers are Gmail, Google Development Groups (GDGs), Calendar, drive and vault.  I’m not sure, but I also think the students are using a Chromebook as well.

While this is obviously good news for those involved at Kyambogo University, Ms Zawedde also points out that internet connection in Uganda generally, and also at her university, is poor.

Justine has asked the Ugandan government to pump more money into this technology, otherwise it will leave students and teaching staff behind the rest of the world.

She also points out that the Google Apps for Education initiative can help students, lecturers, researchers and others to engage better with the rest of the academic world, both at home and abroad.


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