It’s more than just a coding problem

I came across a forum the other day in which a poster wanted to know how to write a JavaAgent for Lotus Notes 6.5 DB.  It seems the person wanted to create something that would allow Lotus Notes to access a web service.  That’s my understanding anyway.

It seems that while the person managed to create a code, it is not working as it should.  The poster so far has only received one reply, but even this responder was not able to help that much.

Now, I don’t know about you but this strikes me as another “Why should I bother” scenario.  Although this particular coding problem may not be something that Google Apps can sort out, it is still another problem that appears to regularly occur with Lotus Notes.

In other words, as someone who runs their own business, I have to question now why any business person should want to continue to use a program that constantly requires re-programming.

It’s also the reason why I much prefer Google Apps.  Using the latter is simply a matter of clicking a few buttons to access what I need – Email, Drive, Calendar and so on.  In contrast, it seems to me that users of Lotus Notes are constantly having to go through various hoops or learn to write code in order to access what’s needed.

To me, that is not only time consuming, it is also a waste of valuable resources.  I can’t see the point.

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