Another US government department joins the Google network

It has been reported following the success of the US General Services Administration (GSA), the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is to switch to the Google Apps for Government scheme.

The federal government awarded the contract to Google’s reseller Unisys.  They transferred the GSA over to the new system in 2010.

At a reported deal worth $7.2 million this is one of a number of contracts that Unisys has successfully managed to negotiate.  It will also make Google very happy as the latter did not have to lift a finger.

Other federal organisations known to have switched to Google’s cloud technology include Idaho National Lab, the Department’s of Energy research facility and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Seemingly, another federal agency started negotiations in May with Onix Networking Group (another Google reseller), which also appears to have concluded positively.  I believe this is the Interior Department.

Google has not had its own way, however.  Apparently Microsoft managed to secure a deal worth a massive $91 million to switch the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over to its Microsoft Office Suite 365.  This deal was forged via one of Microsoft’s resellers – Computer Science Corps, and will oversee the migration of the FAA’s 60,000 employees along with a further 20,000 working for the Transportation Department.

Microsoft’s Office Suite 365 was a late comer to the cloud, but it has made inroads since it was launched.  However, the lion’s share of deals in the USA do appear to be going to Google.

With Google stating they are cutting prices, Microsoft may also have a bigger struggle on its hands

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