Could Google’s success cause Microsoft’s demise?

Well, I’m not really referring to Microsoft itself but the latter’s cloud aspirations.  The software manufacturer has not set the business world on fire as hoped with its Office 365 suite.

In fact, apart from some major deals in the USA, the conglomerate has what can only be described as a torrid time promoting its software.  In short, the company is constantly being defeated by Google.

However, Microsoft is not a company that takes problems like this lying down, but I have to question whether it is doing the correct thing.  It seems the software giant is so angry with Google it has decided to take it on in Australia.

The problem is that Microsoft has gone down the route of attacking the reliability of Google Mail rather than extolling the virtues of its own email system.

Well, from a personal point of view, having once used Microsoft exchange system, it wasn’t as reliable as Microsoft tries to make out.  Yes, it has some features that are possibly better than Gmail, but on the whole, I think the latter is more than satisfactory.

Microsoft, however, has gone one step further in its attack on Google.  Not just content in telling the world Gmail is rubbish, they are publishing case studies to back up their assertions.

One example of this is apparently a Brisbane motor trade company that was persuaded by Microsoft to forget Google Apps for Business and move to them.  The company did so.

The question for Google is: will it retaliate?  It may not need to.

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