Is cloud making a difference to the workplace?

Businesses in the main are being targeted by vendors such as Google more and more.  But I have started to wonder how much difference the adoption of cloud computing is making to the workplace.

As I am a one man band running my own business from home, I don’t have a workplace as such.  Therefore, I can only base my opinions on the experience I have personally encountered, and I have to say I am glad that I do use the technology.

Obviously, in my own case I have no experience with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); only Software as a Service (SaaS).  But using such applications to manage my business has proved very cost effective indeed.  In short, as the software is free to use or of minimal cost, I don’t have to worry about big bills.

So, as far as I am concerned, the benefit of cloud saving businesses money is true.

However, can my positive experience be the same for other larger firms?  Seemingly it can.

For instance, many companies have responded positively with employees no longer constantly haranguing IT departments when things go wrong, simply because nothing appears to go wrong.

Moreover, with many employees working away from the office, being able to access much needed information while out and about is just a matter of clicking a few buttons on a mobile device.

This could be to remotely access a computer in the office or, as is becoming the norm, to access the information stored on a remote server on the web.

In short, cloud is making a difference.

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