What are your five essential Google Apps?

gmail-logoWhen considering Google Apps, do you think of applications you can access from your online Google account?

Do you also think of these apps as being accessible only from a laptop or desktop computer.

What about accessing them from a mobile device?

I must admit that I never really thought about combining Google applications with, say, a mobile phone or tablet.  Yet, that’s exactly what Google is now able to offer – standalone applications that you can download to a mobile gadget.

But what Google Apps should you choose?

Although at the moment I do not have a tablet, the five applications I am most likely to download would be Google Mail, YouTube, Google Search, Google Chrome and perhaps Google+.

Google Mail or Gmail is an obvious one.  I use this email service all the time, even on my BlackBerry.  I wouldn’t change it as it is simple to use and I can configure my BlackBerry to download all my emails from different accounts.  This can be a little annoying on occasions but useful nevertheless when out and about.

Similarly, Google Search is a valuable website search tool.  It’s fast and efficient.

Likewise, Google Chrome is an invaluable web browser.  What I like best about this is that the most popular websites I visit are retained on the Chrome homepage as icons for easy access.  Far better than Mozilla’s dropdown list.

I don’t use YouTube that much, but even so, having the application stored on a mobile device is handy.

Likewise Google+.

These are my five essential Google Apps.  What are yours?

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