It’s no game for HeyZap

gmail-logoHeyZap is another success story for Google Apps.  Based in Silicon Valley, the company creates games for use on the growing social network, although it also creates products for mobile devices as well as traditional online gamers.

However, like all businesses, HeyZap needs to ensure everything it does runs as smoothly as possible, which is why it decided to switch to Google Apps for Business some time ago.

“For a company of 18, working efficiently and communicating fluidly is extremely important.  When it was just three of us, we used our personal Gmail accounts for work,”Immad Akhund, co-founder and CEO of HeyZap told

One of the reasons for moving to Google was because it allowed the company to keep all the company information under one domain.

Moreover, the employees found that Google Apps offered much more control over how they could manage their documentation.  With Google Docs, they could create and store the necessary documents allowing others to access.

In fact, according to Mr. Akhund, ten people at any one time could be working on a document.  This has allowed productivity to increase massively.

Immad Akhund added that as far as the games engineers were concerned they could use Google Apps for other purposes.  He said: “Instead of a wiki, they use Google Docs to store technical materials for others to use.  They take advantage of labels and folders to sort the information by topic.”

Google Apps have many, often underused programs.  Therefore, it can be hard sometimes to decide whether they are useful.

HeyZap, however, appears to be making full use of what’s on offer.

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