Microsoft issues a put down about Google

MICROSOFTIn what could perhaps be a mistake for the software giant, a company spokesman recently issued a scathing remark about Google, attacking the latter’s approach to business applications.

Speaking with, Julia White said: “Google has not yet shown they are truly serious about the enterprise app business.  From the outside, they are an advertising company.”

Now, if I was a member of Google’s management I wouldn’t know whether to take this remark with a pinch of salt or an indication that Microsoft is actually worried by the growth of the company.

Personally, I’m inclined to go with the latter since Microsoft is losing a lot of its business customers, most of them switching directly to Google Apps for Business.

What’s more, I’ve heard stories of business people being offered all manner of sweeteners by Microsoft to remain with the software giant.

In reality, Google’s presence in the business arena is massive and growing every day.  In fact, according to Amit Singh, the company’s head of enterprise, Google has a goal to take 90% of Microsoft’s business users.

With around five million Google Apps users, up a million in about 12 months, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Google achieves this goal.  Moreover, it has attracted some very big fish on both sides of the Atlantic; although the lion’s share is its customers based in the USA.

Microsoft, for its part, still believes that its own cloud-based software – Office 365 – will be number one in the not too distant future.

Personally, I beg to differ.

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