Venture capitalists see the value of Google

Google AppsThe former is a multimillion pound business that has partnered with Google for a long time.  Last December the strength of the business increased with an investment of no less than $40 million from venture capitalists.

This helped CloudSherpas to acquire a rival firm – CloudTrigger, which focuses on CRM consulting.  By adding this to CloudSherpas’ portfolio the company can expand in other areas and not just Google Apps.

BetterCloud is a smaller company than CloudSherpas, yet it too received a financial boost of $5 million.  Investors evidently believed that Google Apps is big business and not something to ignore.

I have to say, they are probably wise to think so.  With no fewer than five million subscribers and growing, Google Apps is still only in its infancy.  However, I feel that despite companies such as Microsoft still perceiving Google as an upstart, this upstart isn’t going away any time soon.

If anything it is likely to expand far more in the coming years as cloud develops, and if Google’s prediction is correct it will take a huge chunk of Microsoft’s business.

It is possibly this reason more than any other that has investors swooning over Google and its partners.


However, I don’t think Microsoft will take this lying down.  Interesting times ahead, I think.

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