Google improves its service

Google AppsAlthough Google Apps are easy to use and rarely have problems, nevertheless the company was accused by some users of possessing a poor customer service record.

However, I believe the firm has taken this criticism on board and decided to revamp its apps support site. As such, users can now access proper training and documentation.

There are also what has been described as self-help resources.

As a regular Google Apps user I have not had much call on my time to try and solve problems simply because I have not had any. That is until I set up Google Analytics. This has caused me something of a headache, unfortunately.

However since Google is offering training and help, it might be worth my while visiting the support site to see how it can help. I’m sure there will be something available.

Google made the announcement last week. A spokesperson for the company told “Whether you need to set up a new app, troubleshoot a calendar issue, train your users, or talk to a support rep,” the help is there when you need it.

So what help is actually available?

The homepage looks very impressive in its simplicity. That’s hardly surprising as simplicity, in my view, is Google’s hallmark.

The tool bar consists of six categories: setup, users and domains, manage apps, fix an issue, billing and ordering and train my users.

In the body of the web page is a link entitled “using your apps.” Clicking on this redirects you to the website

Although this is late in coming, it is still very welcome.


  1. Andy Hoyland says:

    I read somewhere recently that the problem with Google Apps support is that it quite often boils down to asking “How do I do this?” and the usual, slow, response is “You can’t. Why would you want to do that?”

    So the above would is a welcome change and is good news.

    A quick point – the link is (the link in your post was missing the dot between learn and googleapps)

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