Is switching to Google Apps still worth it?

G-logoIn short, yes, despite Google announcing it was no longer offering businesses a free version. And I think there are three reasons for doing so.

First, although there is now a price tag attached for all new Google Apps customers, the cost is still very low at just $50 per user per year.

Now I know that some businesses don’t like paying out more than they need to (I’m all for that myself) but the reality is that the integrated software that Google Apps for Business offers firms of all sizes is really value for money.

Second, Google Apps is cloud based which means you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong which it invariably will if you have to install programs on a computer.

Third, and perhaps the most important reason is the sheer number of applications available, all of which can be accessed simply at the click of the mouse button.

For instance, knowing the location of a business can be vital now, especially since most people search locally first. Google Maps adds your location to any marketing kit you use such as Facebook.

While Google+ has not had the impact many people thought it would, it is nevertheless an additional avenue for any business trying to make connections.

Similarly, Google Analytics is perhaps one of the best products that helps you keep tabs on who your website visitors are and where they are located.

Need online storage? Why bother with the likes of Dropbox when you have two from Google to choose from: Google Drive and Google Vault.

And the list continues.


  1. So do you think Google Apps is a better value than Office 365? I’m a Google geek so I would guess that it is. I just want your opinion. I know I loved Google Apps back when I was using it. The other cool thing about Google Apps is that you can use the Android apps to access them! To me, that’s awesome!

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