The customer’s point of view

cloudsWhenever experts talk about cloud computing they tend to talk from a position of the provider.  However, in the end I think it is the customer that matters.

Yes, everyone knows or has heard about the benefits of this technology, but where does the customer really fit into all this?  After all, it is the latter that pays the price, particularly if things go wrong – and they can.

Perhaps it is pertinent to look at the situation through the eyes of a potential customer.

So, what is it that a potential user is looking for?  This really depends on a number of factors.  For instance, is it just a storage backup system that is required?  If so, it is pointless investigating high-powered IT systems that do everything else but provide a secure storage system.

While Google Apps offers this, it also offers a business person other useful products on top.  But as I have said on many occasions, as a sole trader I have no need for everything that Google Apps has to offer.

Consequently, from my point of view, it would not be appropriate for me to invest in the business system offered by Google.  The free home-based Software as a Service is sufficient for my needs.  I suspect it would be sufficient for many others in a similar position.

However, if as a customer your needs are greater, then it is wise to increase your knowledge about this web-based technology.  Not to do so could end up costing a lot.

This includes scrutinising any service agreement you might be asked to sign.

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