Financial experts realise there’s more to Google than meets the eye

GoogleSNL Financial is a business devoted to analysing the challenges of modern business and what it needs to do to develop in the future.

However, the company itself did not realise that it too was part of a growing sector that needed to adapt to new technologies.  That was until it discovered cloud, and in particular Google Apps for Business.

Dealing with a very wide range of financial products and services from business analysis to business intelligence and communication, SNL employs over 1,500 people worldwide.

As such, keeping in regular touch with these individuals is paramount if the company is to get first-hand information and/or breaking news.  In short, communication is key to SNL’s success.

The firm though, had a problem – its previous IT system was no longer fit for purpose.  However, they soon discovered Google Apps for Business and have not looked back since.

Speaking with, SNL’s Galen Warren who is the CTO for the company said: “Our executive assistants were very pleased with how much attention they got from Google and how much time and effort was put into ensuring that they were happy, and that all of their questions were answered.”

Galen added: “The Admin Assistant Gurus program made a big difference to the success of our launch of Google Apps across SNL Financial.”

As with all businesses these days – and SNL Financial is no exception to this, communication and the ability to collaborate easily without obstacles is vital for growth and development.

Google fits the bill with both.

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