Is cloud really worth the money?

cloudsAlthough internet technologies are still in their infancy, the take up is growing.  However, is cloud really worth it?

In a word, yes.

Forgetting the hype that normally surrounds something new, personally, I think web-based technologies have advanced the use of the computer beyond what we thought it was capable of.

What’s more, the progress has been staggering in just the last decade alone, but I’m shocked to think how the industry has developed from the early days of the personal computer or PC.

I got my first desktop way back in 1986, and when I think how primitive it was compared to the powerful machines we have today, I often wonder what’s next.

But I think the answer to that is staring us in the face – mobile internet.  With the invention of the smartphone and more recently the tablet, internet-based solutions are the way forward whether you run a business or just want it to shop and search.

But more importantly than that is the freedom that it gives people.  No longer do you need to sit behind a desk, you can do all your work while on the move, whether this is sending an email, accessing important documents in, say, Google Drive and so on.

So, yes, cloud computing is worth it, whether you are looking at Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), storage facilities, Software as a Service (SaaS) or anything else that’s developed.

In other words, the internet is no longer a tool for searching information; it is a tool for communication and collaboration – vital mechanisms for any business these days.

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