Architects design their own future with Google Apps

GoogleIf there is one profession that relies on cooperation and collaboration, it is architecture.  Whether it is the design or construction of a building, all parties involved need to know what is happening regularly.

Traditionally, this meant passing pieces of paper around as well as innumerable discussions with customers, builders and just about anyone else involved.

While these things probably still need to be carried out, using cloud-based IT systems such as Google Apps for Business makes the process much more efficient as well as less time consuming.  Moreover, it can potentially save huge amounts of money.

One firm that perceived the value of Google Apps quite early on is Broadway Malyan, which is based in the UK.  While most other businesses in Britain have been dilly-dallying over whether Google in particular – or internet-based computing in general – was beneficial, this firm of architects got stuck in.

In fact, with 13 offices across the globe they would be foolish not to at least give this new technology a try.

Speaking with, Ali Ball, CIO of Broadway Malyan said: “Our main motivation for moving to the cloud was to simplify our IT infrastructure and improve accessibility.”

Interestingly, the business had just upgraded to Microsoft Exchange, but it seems the latter had operation problems, mainly around cost.  As such, company management decided it was time to look at alternatives.

Ironically, it was found that despite the costs associated with Microsoft, it was still cheaper to move to Google – and the company hasn’t regretted that decision.

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