Why do people still insist on using Lotus Notes?

GoogleIBM’s Lotus Notes is generally recognised as a business program.  It is not something that a householder is likely to use when sending and receiving emails.

I may be wrong in this assertion so if I am then I apologise, but it isn’t something I have come across.  In my experience home computer users generally use either Microsoft’s Exchange system or an online or cloud-based email system such as Hotmail or Google Mail.

So, I was rather surprised to learn the other day that Lotus Notes software is readily available to download.  But this is where the fun starts.

Apparently someone left his job that used Lotus Notes but didn’t want to lose the information he had collected.  As such he made a copy to use at home.

Downloading version 8.5 of the software, the individual proceeded to try and open the emails on the disc.  He had no trouble accessing the most recent emails, but was unable to open archived ones.  All he kept getting when he tried to do so was an “Illegal Use” error message.

When I found out about this I asked myself: why did his place of work still use an outdated email system?  Lotus Notes, however well it works, is not what I would describe as a universal email system.  On the other hand, Google Mail is.  It’s cloud-based to start with, which means that anyone can access their emails from anywhere in the world regardless of the type of computer being used.

But best of all – there is no program to download.


  1. Gmail issues:
    1) gmail “save all attachments” saves them in a zip file – very annoying
    2) cannot add a password protected ical feed in gmail calendar
    3) Quick response prevents rich text entry in message
    4) try putting tabs in a gmail email
    5) google docs not reliable attachments sometimes not available or out of focus
    6) interface is not very clean, inotes web mail much nicer
    7) gmail offline (is only beta) limited to 5mb attachments and last month of emails

  2. Clive Wyatt says:

    Lotus Notes can’t use the mailbox on a read only disk, copy it to your local hard drive. The client needs to be able to write logging information to the mail box which it can’t do on a CD. Sorry to burst your bubble but so can Lotus Notes be accessed from anywhere in the world if you host it on website as you can access your mail via http or through a VPN or if you open port 1352 in your DMZ to a Domino hardened server.
    You really don’t know what you are talking about, it seem today that the empty cans are definitely making the most noise these days. Try reading around a subject before opening your mouth.

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