Forthcoming conference bags a major business leader

cloud computingA cloud computing conference to be held at the beginning of April has managed to persuade a major business leader to get involved.

Patrick Macdonald-King, CEO/President of DAX, LLC will be one of the presenters at the conference, which looks at how the technology is developing.

DAX, LLC was formerly called Sample Digital. It is a leading provider of web-based solutions for the audio-visual market. In addition to kicking the event off, Macdonald-King has been asked to give a keynote speech on how audio-visual technology is being used in his industry.

Audio-visual technology plays a vital role nowadays in many companies’ marketing efforts. It isn’t just for the film industry.

For example, I am beginning to make use of videos to market my own online business by uploading them to sites such as YouTube. The latter is now fast becoming the first port of call for people looking for information rather than searching via a search engine. Even Google recognised this early on when it bought the video sharing company.

Excited at being asked to be involved, Mr Macdonald-King told “I am pleased to be part of the Cloud Computing Conference, organised by the DCIA, which recognises the central role of cloud-based platforms such as DAX that are accelerating production workflows within all industries.”

The conference itself will last for two days and starts on the 8th April in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is aimed at those who are starting to realise the value of the internet. The conference is expected to attract some major names in the broadcasting and entertainment industries as well as traditional businesses.

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