New Google App launched

Google_logoNever one to stand still, Google has announced the launch of a new application. It is called Google Keep and it’s a cloud-based note-keeping tool.

Now, you might well be wondering why Google has released a new app. After all, there are many similar apps on Google Play.

I suppose Google, being Google, doesn’t like to be left behind. So it is apt that the company develops its own note-taking application that can be integrated into the suite of products already available.

By all accounts, it also appears to have been given the thumbs up. The software has the ability to organise your files as well as let you make notes. In fact, you can add pictures, checklists, or even take notes by voice.

If that wasn’t enough, the integrative approach to all of Google’s suite of applications is aptly demonstrated with this one product. In other words, it effectively and automatically stores your notes in Google Drive.

This is really useful if you need to access your information while out and about. For me, that’s the beauty of cloud: It’s accessible anywhere and from any machine in the world. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

Further, it seems that voice transcription works well with Google Keep. You can even set the status for Google Now, letting the application remind you to take a note whenever you have accessed a web page or other document.

I’m not sure whether this would begin to grate after a while, but it is still nevertheless a useful additional benefit.

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