Telecommunications firm migrates to Google Apps

Google Apps for BusinessIt isn’t just large corporations that are finding that Google Apps benefits their organisation.  Wilkes Telecommunications, a relatively small enterprise based in North Carolina decided it needed to do something about offering its customers something better.

Google’s cloud-based system was chosen since it was considered to offer the best approach to this community-based firm.

Management at Wilkes had started to realise that web technologies offered greater benefits than traditional IT systems, but being a small organisation, cost was a major concern.

The management needed four things:

1.    To remain the local area’s leading firm offering cutting edge technologies.

2.    To offer affordable IT solutions to householders and local businesses.

3.    To cut operational costs.

4.    To improve its own security.

With Google Apps for Business, the company now feels all the above criteria are now fulfilled.

“Our goal is to continue to bring cutting-edge technology to the residents of Wilkes County and invest heavily in the local infrastructure to help people connect to the world, educate themselves to learn, and grow and engage in business,” Eric Cramer, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Wilkes Telecommunications told

Often forgotten in this fast changing world is that there are many areas of even countries such as the USA that are still struggling to keep up with technology.

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, remote areas such as this could quite easily get left behind if it wasn’t for the innovative approach of companies like Wilkes Telecommunications.

Now, local residents can access the latest inventions such as digital television with HDTV with DVR.

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