Australian retailer makes the switch to Google Apps

Google AppsGoogle managed to secure one of the biggest deals in its history recently.  Woolworths, which is Australia’s largest retailer, decided to switch from its existing platform – Lotus Notes – to Google Apps for Business.

With over 3,000 stores across the whole of the continent, management believes that switching to Google’s cloud-based IT system will enhance the company’s ability to communicate.

Speaking with, CIO Dan Beecham said: “Our decision to move to Google Apps is a key element of transforming our workforce computing to achieve a step-change in our collaboration and productivity.”

He added: “The move builds on the successful roll out of Gmail and our ‘Tap to Support’ App on iPads to Woolworths supermarket store managers last year….”

Google Australia has been very proactive in recent years, I believe.  Yet managing to prise a company such as Woolworths away from IBM’s Lotus Notes can only be described as a tremendous coup for the internet firm.

It also demonstrates to me that businesses, large and small, are beginning to realise the limitations of Lotus Notes

Google also reckons it now has over five million business users.  Not an inconsiderable number, with many of these users being some of the largest companies in the world.

Moreover, a poll carried out by research analysts, Telsyte, suggests that Google is now the number two messaging platform.  Only Microsoft stands in its way at the moment.


However, given Google’s assault on this giant’s own market, I doubt that it will be number two for long.


  1. Where do you get your information? Fantasyland?

    Woolworths, according to these articles, was a Microsoft Exchange customer!,woolworths-plans-exchange-2007-upgrade.aspx

  2. a) there’s no such thing as … here’s the correct address:

    b) Woolies in Australia were a Microsoft Customer. This story has nothing to do with IBM or IBM Notes as claimed in your blog content.

    Hope this helps clear up some confusion.

  3. Stuart Hickson says:

    You are incorrectly claiming that Woolworths was an IBM Notes and Domino customer. That is a lie. They were a Microsoft Exchange customer. But given your previous postings it’s not surprising you claim this was a move from Notes. Truth clearly isn’t is not one of your strong points. Grow up.

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