Google set to acquire new company

Google_logoIt has been reported that Google is in the process of taking over yet another application and its designing firm.

This time it is Waze, a navigation and traffic report app designed by Israeli startup business Waze Mobile.

Waze is said to have 50 million users, so it is not at all surprising that Google has shown an interest. Both Apple and Facebook showed an interest last year, but seemingly this interest came to nothing.

I’m not sure why Google is the preferred bidder for Waze, but if the deal goes ahead – and it is expected to do so – it will cost the conglomerate $1.3 billion.

Like many startups Google acquires, it is likely to buy the company and then incorporate the app into its own range.

It is hard to say what will happen with Waze. As far as I am aware, Google does not have a navigation system. It does have a mapping app, which is popular across most platforms, and Waze may be incorporated into this software to give a more all-round comprehensive application for use on both computers and mobile devices.

Perhaps the reason for Waze favouring Google is that Google has an office in Israel and has already acquired two other companies based in the country.

Waze seemingly asked previous enquirers to maintain an employment base in Israel. Facebook could not guarantee this.

As far as Apple is concerned, it is thought that the company will be concentrating on improving its own navigation software.

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