Yet another Google Apps success story

Google Apps

Google has strong growth in many parts of the world now. Its growth is nothing short of remarkable when compared to the likes of Microsoft.

What is more, companies such as Microsoft and Apple have been taken by surprise at how Google has managed to not just position itself as a PaaS and SaaS but also to take business away from these giants.

One company that has switched to Google’s cloud based IT system is Grass Roots Group. This company employs 1,500 people worldwide, and its previous communication and IT system was causing problems.

For example, employees’ work was constantly interrupted by regular outages. Moreover, it caused customer service problems, which anyone who runs their own business will know is not good.

News of poor practice and poor customer service travels faster than anything positive. Since Grass Roots Group’s own customers include the likes of McDonald’s, Coca Cola and IBM, it can be appreciated why the firm would want to avoid the major problems often associated with outages and internet downtime; hence, Google Apps for Business was a welcome change.

Grass Roots Group also found that its costs were drastically cut when it switched to Google Apps for Business. I understand that this particularly applied to the company’s video conferencing budget, saving a massive 98%.

The company that helped Grass Roots Group to migrate was AppsCare, a Google reseller.“ Danny Attias, CIO at Grass Roots Group, said: “… AppsCare guided us and did the technical bit to get us over the implementation ‘hump’ so we didn’t have to skill up just for the transition.”

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