Irish company cuts its IT costs in half

Google AppsCopytype, a computer hardware business based in Limerick, Ireland moved to Google Apps for Business some time ago.  Since then it has managed to cut its IT support costs by 50%.

Moreover, it has also managed to improve productivity by a massive 10%.  No mean feat, I am sure, for a small firm.

But that’s the beauty of Google Apps.  Being a cloud-based IT system, small firms – whether one man bands such as mine or larger employers like Copytype – are now able to compete on a level playing field with the so-called “big boys.”

Not just that; by making use of online solutions companies can now make major savings, which at the end of the day is the bottom line for any business.

In Copytype’s case its core business is selling computer hardware, ranging from scanners to photocopiers.

But like all businesses, making use of the internet is vital to future fortunes.  This also means, being able to communicate with suppliers and customers quickly and easily, with minimal interruption.

Previously Copytype used Microsoft Exchange as its email system but seemingly the company was not particularly satisfied, so its management started looking for something better.

Speaking with, Tony Carey, Managing Sales Director, said: “I was dissatisfied: it wasn’t easy to manage, and I needed a support company to come and look after it for me.  When there were updates on the software, they inevitably caused problems with the hardware, which cost us money.”

Another bonus is the firm has also managed to reduce the number of software applications from seven to two.

Success all round, methinks.

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