No hiatus for Hiatus Spa and Retreat

G-logoThe smooth running of any business nowadays is important.  It is vital when using modern technology.

What’s more, with everyone leading busier and busier lives, it is also important that some time is set aside to relax and re-charge our batteries.

It was for this reason why Kristin Heaton-Peabody and Sheila Garrison, co-founders of Hiatus Spa and Retreat, started the business.

Yet while their own business offers others a chance to fill those small gaps in their working life with something beneficial, for the business owners it means ensuring that they can communicate and offer a top class service without any technological problems.

Moreover, as small business owners, they needed something that wouldn’t break the bank.

That’s where Google Apps for Business comes into its own.  Not only are there some advanced communication and software systems available, Google’s cloud-based system is very affordable for any SME.

Speaking with one of the co-founders said: “…Google Apps is perfectly reflective of who we are as founders: it’s all about transparency, efficiency and environmental consciousness.  That’s the way we run our lives and business.  Google Apps empowers us to work more effectively than previously imaginable (and we spent more than 15 years working in the technology sector!)…”

Interestingly, I don’t think either Kristin or Sheila had used Google Apps prior to setting up their business.  However, they have been enthusiastic about the products since.

For example, they are constantly looking for new ways to make use of what is available.  The aim is to help run their business smoothly without any hiatus.

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