New development for Google Glass

GoogleGoogle Glass is the name of the product developed by Google to allow people to make videos or take photos simply by wearing a pair of spectacles.

While this particular product has had some mixed reviews, one company has decided to use its knowledge of Google Apps to develop something different.

Moreover, the company behind this development hopes the new products will be available as early as 2014.

Speaking with, Dan McNelis, co-founder of Dito, which offers Google Apps services, said: “We’re in the early stages of developing for Google Glass.”

But what use would there be for combining Google Apps with Google Glass?

Dan McNelis answered this at a recent conference.  He cited a construction company that wants to build information modelling to help in the construction industry.  This could be similar to what IBM does now with whiteboarding and 3D modelling.

Mr McNelis suggested that for building workers it would be possible for them to walk around a site wearing Google Glass spectacles, and build up proper information including video footage to decide whether the work is correct; if not determine what changes are needed.

Another example is having a schematic or blue print built into the system so that the worker can simply look at it electronically without having to physically pick it up.

In short, with creative thinking Dan McNelis believes combining Google Glass with Google Apps has endless possibilities.

He added a note of caution, however, saying: “….We don’t want to build an application to sit on top of an API or platform if it is still evolving.”

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