Google scoops another contract

Google AppsThis time it is the University of the Philippines in Manila.

Members of the university recently attended a meeting that formally announced the Schools Gone Google programme.

While the programme is an on-going project it is expected by the time migration over to the Google Apps for Education system in fully implemented some 250,000 members of the university – staff and students – will be connected.

Google’s rise to fame over a relatively few short years is nothing short of miraculous.  It is now estimated that there are 20 million Google Apps users worldwide.

But I don’t think this is difficult to understand when it is realised that Google’s IT system from the outset was cloud-based.  Other companies such as IBM and Microsoft have been playing catch up ever since.

Microsoft’s Office 365, for instance, is what I call an artificial product created for use on the internet as an afterthought.  Google Apps, by contrast, were developed for use on the internet from the word go.

Speaking with, Narciso Reyes, Google Philippines Country Manager said: “We are glad that major universities are taking the step to modernize their system by adopting Google Apps for Education.  We hope that this will be one of the many factors that will help improve the learning system in the country.”

This view was echoed by the President of the University of the Philippines, Alfredo Pascua, who admitted that switching to Google Apps for Education was a big step for the university.  However, he also believed the move was necessary, and will offer students and staff a better computing experience.

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