Online gaming now embraces cloud

cloud computingComputer games have been around ever since the computer was invented.  In recent years such games embraced the internet with many people playing opposite others from around the country, if not the world.

Perhaps the main instigator of this is Microsoft’s Xbox that has enabled gaming enthusiasts to connect online with others.

But with the benefits of cloud now becoming more and more recognised, I am not surprised that Microsoft has now decided to fully embrace this IT system with its latest incarnation of the Xbox – the Xbox One.

One of the reasons I think the software company has made this decision to use the internet exclusively for its new and future games is that the IT system enables players to have a much smoother experience.

Moreover, if the financial benefits accrued by business users are anything to go by, it may also cut costs for gamers too.

Not being a gamer I have no interest in whether this will be successful or not.  Yet, I can well understand the reasoning behind Microsoft’s – and probably other manufacturers’ – decision to move to this platform.

In general though, there are said to be four main benefits for any business moving to a virtual solution rather than maintain its in-house requirement.  These are:

1.     Lower overhead costs – you can get rid of existing in-house IT systems.

2.     Increased efficiency – no hardware worries, for instance.

3.     Improved mobility by staff – access can be anywhere in the world.

4.     Improved collaboration and sharing of information.


Some still suggest it’s risky.  In reality the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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