Is economics the only reason for adopting cloud?

CLOUDThe bottom line for any business is minimising costs and maximising profits, and it’s on this basis that cloud-based services are pushed.

But while I agree with this, I often wonder whether it is just economics that makes business people choose to switch to virtual office solutions.

Based on my own experience I don’t think it is.

As a sole trader, I, like all business people, am conscious of the need to keep costs under control.  However, I am also conscious of the fact that this relatively new technology offers something that I would not at one time be able to afford.

This is the ability to compete on a level playing field with the big boys.

The internet in general has opened up some great possibilities for anyone to start their own business.  All that’s needed is a computer, an internet connection (and email) plus an idea.

Not only does the internet enable this to happen, it also helps keep costs low without the hassle of using your own servers.

In contrast, large corporations have until now had to install their own servers and other IT equipment; not to mention employ appropriate staff to maintain them.

As one analyst told “This isn’t just a geek thing.  There’s enough evidence in Cloudonomics – the economics of cloud computing – to prove that for most businesses, the total cost of ownership of [virtual] solutions is considerably lower than for traditional on-site computing.”

But the technology offers much more than just saving money.  There is a growing realisation that internet solutions also offer flexibility, agility and collaboration.


  1. Joshua Lucas says:

    Economics is not the only reason people adopt cloud , its due to technological advancements and Humans tendency and nature to keep moving on with new things that comes on their way . If someone offers you an object which provides ease of use anywhere , anytime and on the go why wouldn’t we accept it ? Because it offers us flexibility , integrated interactions and Communications both within and outside the organization, saves time and also is Cost effective which is just one of the factors.

    Business today is mobile, it’s not confined by offices or time zones. As we all know cloud is the future and people want to keep in pace with the future that provides them faster and easier means of doing business and also helps them to get ideas from a larger group of like minded people that broadens their thinking and improves their performance.Your Organizations outcome and results are much more than just saving money or cutting costs.

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