Is Google Glass viable for business use?

GoogleGoogle has been developing a new concept called Google Glass.

The idea behind this is for people to wear specially designed spectacles fitted with a video, camera and anything else that Google thinks will work.

When I heard about this I thought it was a rather strange and unworkable idea – even a gimmick, and it certainly wouldn’t have any business use.

However, the more I have learned about Google Glass, the more I’m inclined to change my mind.

After some research it appears that there are a couple of potential benefits to businesses using this new gadget.

For instance, along with mobile phones and tablets, Google Glass offers a mobile alternative for those who use particular applications.  I’m thinking of architects and builders who can literally take blueprints around with them that can be photographed, stored on the cloud and shared.

Another suggestion is that retailers could send information directly to customers via an app called Crystal Shopper, which can scan bar codes or Q codes.

Some experts do have concerns about the use of Google Glass.  However, one expert believes it also provides a solution.

As normal, security is high on the list.  Shane Walker, an associate director at research firm, IHS. Businesses told “If you’re providing a service through Glass, it could be a selling point that you offer better encryption.”

Google Glass is not cheap.  At the moment it costs around $1,500 to buy.  But Google believes that when the product is officially launched next year, it will become as popular as other mobile devices, so the price will gradually come down.

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