Are you being left behind?

cloud computing

With changes in computing technology happening at an unprecedented rate these days, it is not hard to believe that it is all getting too much. More importantly, it can be difficult if you think that you are getting left behind, and are unsure what you can do about it. If you feel like this, then […]

Is there too much hype?

cloud computing

Cloud computing is the main buzz phrase nowadays.  It permeates just about everything from business, education and other organisations. However, is there perhaps too much hype surrounding this concept that is perhaps clouding our judgement and our understanding of what it actually is for? For example, there is a story doing the rounds that a […]

Is one cloud enough?

cloud computing

Recent research by CompTIA, a global IT organisation, suggests that as cloud computing settles in, businesses will start looking at the various benefits offered by providers. A spokesperson from CompTIA told “Once companies hit a stage where they are using [virtual] systems as a standard part of IT architecture they weigh the pros and […]

New service spreading like wildfire

Cloud computing

To most people cloud computing refers to such services as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). However, at the rate of development of this virtual technology, many new services are starting to come online. For instance, I heard recently of something called Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). The latter […]

Challenges still remain for the Middle East


Although the internet as a whole has made the global business world smaller, it seems that some parts of the world are not taking full advantage. The Middle East in general and the United Arab Emirates in particular are still facing challenges where virtualisation is concerned. Commenting on this Dietrich Kanz, Managing Director of ConSol […]

Major US corporation closes down

cloud computing

A major United States cloud computing firm has closed down, much to the surprise of technology analysts. Although reports in the Wall Street Journal suggested that Nirvanix Inc was in trouble, the news didn’t really sink in. The first time many realised it was true was when Nirvanix Inc posted a simple message on its […]

Who makes the decisions?

cloud computing

There is much talk about who makes the decision about adopting virtual solutions. In small- and medium-sized businesses it is likely to be the owner, or if big enough – the IT professional. But what about large corporations? Again, I would have thought it would be IT experts employed within the firm’s IT department. However, […]

Better with than without?

Cloud computing

There is continual debate in technology circles as to whether or not cloud computing is worth adopting. The naysayers tend to take the view that by transferring everything we do onto the internet then we will lose control. While there are reasons to be concerned such as a possible lack of proper security, in the […]

More than just a money saver?

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Is cloud more than just another way of saving money for a business? It appears so, if the recent findings of another survey are anything to go by. The International Data Group (IDG) asked IT professionals how they perceived cloud computing and what benefits it has brought to their companies. As well as realising the […]

Production companies develop a virtual future

cloud computing

The Australian TV and film industry is transforming its own future by adopting cloud solutions to its business model. What’s more, it is being helped by one of that country’s top specialists in the field of virtualisation. Cinenet, an Adelaide-based business, was set up specifically to help film and TV production companies make better use […]